Smoke Analysis

Safety of the occupants is a critical factor in building design especially in the event of a fire. The smoke control system of any structure must ensure people along the evacuation paths are protected from fire hazards during evacuation timeframe or all through the development of the fire by extracting combustion and thermal decomposition products and preventing them from spreading. Smoke control systems are an integral element of utility system design in high-rise structures, shopping malls, office complexes, hospitals, production and storage spaces as well as underground structures.

Our Smoke Analysis offering uses simulation software that enables Architects and Structural Engineers to evaluate airflow profiles. Our analysis enables us to suggest improvements in the structural design and control airflow patterns. In addition we can identify dead air pockets, throw distance of jet fans and determine air velocities. We simulate smoke, temperature and visibility profile in different scenarios as well as evaluate movement of people during an evacuation in the event of a fire.

Our analysis deliverables include

  • Smoke concentration data
  • Visibility study
  • Fire and smoke propagation pathway
  • Temperature and velocity profile

Other Solutions

HVAC Design

Our HVAC designs are optimised for energy conservation and compliant with ASHRAE and ISHRAE guidelines and complaint with National Building and Energy Conservation Building Codes.

CFD Analysis

Fluid flows simulation and modelling to analyse HVAC performance, ensuring crucial problems are identified and solutions devised even before the system is designed.

IES Simulation

Simulation modelling allows us to compare different approaches by assessing all aspects of thermal performance, from annual energy consumption to individual surface temperatures.

Building Evacuation Analysis

Simulations to determine the most optimum egress path in the event of an evacuation and models to assess threats to a safe evacuation including static and dynamic blockage points.

Pressurisation Analysis

Stairwell pressurisation simulation to define the right level of pressurisation – relatively high so smoke is kept out of the building and sufficiently low to enable stairwell access during evacuation.

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