HVAC Design

For over 37 years, RSK has built up a formidable body of work in the area of HVAC system design. We’ve consistently delivered a wide range of commercial, industrial, IT, pharmaceutical, hospital, hospitality, infrastructure, warehousing, residential, recreational and institutional projects.

Our core strength is our responsiveness to the unique needs of each customer, regardless of size. Our services encompass everything from schematic design through mandate oversight for the duration of the project.

We also design Building Management Systems (BMS) to monitor, control and record critical environmental parameters and undertake MEP coordination with leading PHE/FF and Electrical Consultants.

Our offerings include:
System planning and design
Unbiased procurement assistance
Inspection, oversight and supervision of our mandate
Commissioning, testing, validation and documentation

Other Solutions

CFD Analysis

Fluid flows simulation and modelling to analyse HVAC performance, ensuring crucial problems are identified and solutions devised even before the system is designed.

Smoke Analysis

Fire and smoke propogation simulation to understand air flow profile so architects and structural engineers can make design improvements to ensure an optimum evacuation path.

IES Simulation

Simulation modelling allows us to compare different approaches by assessing all aspects of thermal performance, from annual energy consumption to individual surface temperatures.

Building Evacuation Analysis

Simulations to determine the most optimum egress path in the event of an evacuation and models to assess threats to a safe evacuation including static and dynamic blockage points.

Pressurisation Analysis

Stairwell pressurisation simulation to define the right level of pressurisation – relatively high so smoke is kept out of the building and sufficiently low to enable stairwell access during evacuation.

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